The Reviews Are In! – Emmerich Does To Stonewall What He Did To The White House In Independence Day

Stonewall Movie


Most reviewers are not commenting about the huge drag/trans folklore brouhaha that we expected.  Just more the generic “the movie sucks” type reviews.

“Stonewall is oddly compelling when it’s trying to be a gay Forrest Gump. As a history of Stonewall, it’s confused, strange, and a little insulting.” – FilmDrunk

“Aside from its offensiveness, Stonewall is, plain and simple, a terribly made movie.” – Vanity Fair

“The tone is so erratic and artificial that it wouldn’t feel surprising if the movie suddenly became a musical. And as the film gets duller and duller, you find yourself wishing these characters would break into song, just for variety’s sake.” – The Wrap

“It’s remarkable to see how badly Stonewall misses its mark.” – NOW Toronto

“At its worst, the film dangerously repackages the queer experience using language invented by those originally deployed to break it apart.” – Richard Larson

“The usual Emmerich-style approach to ‘Stonewall’ would have been dodgy, maybe even offensive, but so is this one” – Metro

“In Stonewall, Roland Emmerich does to the dignity of New York’s burgeoning LGBT community what he did to the White House in Independence Day”.- David Jenkins, Little White Lies

“Disaster maven Roland Emmerich treats a seminal event in the gay pride movement as the mere backdrop to the otherwise vanilla story of a homeless Indiana teen looking for community in New York City.” – Variety

“If “Stonewall” is what it means for Roland Emmerich to make an artist’s statement, please, for the love of god, someone start setting up dynamite charges around the Seven Wonders of the World so that he might return to his wheelhouse.” – The Playlist

But honestly did ANYONE from the beginning announcement that Roland Emmerich of all people was going to make a movie about Stonewall and expected it to be good?

Coming in at a whopping 9% rotten w/a 1 STAR  at

3 thoughts on “The Reviews Are In! – Emmerich Does To Stonewall What He Did To The White House In Independence Day

  1. Of course you published only negative reviews to support your own point of view. As a 45-year gay rights activist I’ll see the movie and make up my own mind, thank you very much.

      1. That’s very nice for you. It doesn’t change anything relative to this movie, though. Your opinion is yours, not his.

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