Anne Rice Famous Author of "Interview with the Vampire' Passes Away

Author Anne Rice on Kim “Martyr Me” Davis: She is “stubborn, self centered and self obsessed”.

anne rice


Via Christopher Rice:

All my life I’ve known Christians — Catholics, Protestants, independent believers, bible readers and church goers, nuns, priests, ministers, people devoted to Christ and transformed in his teachings — good people who are charitable, kind and considerate of other human beings. —- This woman, Kim Davis, who has been jailed for refusal to fulfill her duties as an elected official, and for her refusal to obey a judge’s ruling on the matter, bears little or no resemblance to the believers I’ve known. She comes across to me as a stubborn, self centered and self obsessed individual with little grasp of the belief system she references as she shows complete disregard for the rights of her fellow Americans. It is sad to think anyone would regard this gravely misguided and obviously bigoted individual as a poster girl for “faith in God.” I hope this soon blows over, that the citizens of this county in Kentucky, gay and straight, religious or non-religious, can go with their lives. This is America. Whatever gave this woman the idea that any individual has the right to publicly and stubbornly disregard the rights of an entire group of Americans, based on her personal belief? And to think all of this is over secular marriage licenses! Not life and death. Not war and peace. But secular marriage licenses! What a colossal waste all this has been of the tax payer’s money and the court’s time. —- I congratulate my gay brothers and sisters of all faiths, and of no faith, for standing up to the selfish and arrogant bias of this woman and politely and justly demanding their rights. – Anne Rice best-selling author of gothic fiction, Christian literature, and erotica. She is perhaps best known for her popular and influential series of novels, The Vampire Chronicles,

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