ANIMALS! – ISIS Executes Nine Men and a Boy for Being Gay

ISIS anti-gay

A video released Monday  purportedly shows Islamic State militants (ISIS) shooting seven men in Rastan, a small town in the embattled central Syrian province of Homs for the sin pf “sodomy”.  Also recent received reports from the province of Aleppo are that militants  had also executed two men and a boy for also being gay.

The Rastan execution video shows a group of blindfolded men bowed on a dirt road, while a masked militant read out a list of charges that included “sodomy” and “drug addiction.”

The masked man invokes the authority of the “Supreme Judicial Court in Homs,” and sentences the accused to death. A group of nearby militants then opened fire with machine guns. 

These, the most recent executions of the gay men which are documented by the vicious militant group are just the latest in the reports of brutality against homosexuals coming out of the conflicts in both Syria and Iraq.

The Islamic State (ISIS) in January started releasing a series of images showing its fighters executing gay men by throwing them from the top of a tall building in Mosul, Iraq.  Videos of gay men being pushed off buildings have become a semi-regular feature of the militant group’s propaganda efforts.

Back2Stonewall refuses to air any of the videos in question and asks that our fellow LGBT websites and blogs to refrain from doing so also.

One thought on “ANIMALS! – ISIS Executes Nine Men and a Boy for Being Gay

  1. Sometimes I find it hard to understand what prompts such barbarism. Where did the members of ISIS learn such hatred? They were not born with this hatred. A hatred they are apparently so proud of that they wear masks.I hear in their vids how proudly the shout. How proudly they display and defile the corpses of those they gleefully execute. Executions filmed and then disseminated over the internet. We can see the poor victims of this cruel torture,see them plead and beg as they have their throats slashed at in a crude beheading. All the while they are cheering and chanting behind their masks. I would ask these members of ISIS to come out from behind your masks. Let the world or even better your mothers see the pride in your achievement you have. Let your mothers see the men they gave birth to. Let your mothers know the vicious,savage animal you have grown into. When it comes time and you face justice do not ask for a blind fold or mask. Let your mother see and feel what your victims felt.

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