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August 07, 2015


“Finished.” “Settled.” “It’s over.” These are the pronouncements I’m hearing since five of the nine justices on the Supreme Court caved in to the radical homosexual-rights propaganda machine in its ruling on same-sex marriage.

In fact, we’re hearing “The End” from both sides. The liberals are declaring that the debate is behind us — some media outlets have even declared that they won’t allow the natural view of marriage to even be represented anymore, as if the high court had suddenly banned freedom of speech.

But some Christians and conservatives are calling it “The End” too. They’re acting as if the Left has just won an irreversible victory, and there’s no point in carrying on in the battle for faith and freedom. They’re wrong.

Yes, the justices’ decision was terrible. They overturned the votes of over 50 million Americans. They abandoned thousands of years of human history, human nature, and the explicit teachings of Scripture. They fabricated out of thin air a sweeping “right” to court-created same-sex marriage that no Founding Father ever intended, or could have imagined.

Disappointed? Yes. Surprised? No. Finished? Not by a long shot. Now is the time to fight with greater fervor than ever. I call upon every member of FRC Action to step up to this challenge — a challenge to our faith, our freedom, our families, our future.

History proves that an early loss is not necessarily the end of the conflict. If it were, the Revolutionary War would have preserved British rule, the Civil War would have produced two separate countries, and the myriad victories of the pro-life movement would never have happened.

Review — and be encouraged by — three key facts:

Fact 1: Five justices may indeed have trampled the will of more than 50 million people, but they do not have the moral authority to redefine marriage.

Desperate to justify their overreach, the majority insists that there are “changed understandings of marriage,” “where new dimensions of freedom become apparent.” This is preposterous.

What God crafted in nature and imprinted on the human heart, no judge can change.

Fact 2: Americans refused to accept the legitimacy of the Court’s decision on abortion 42 years ago in Roe v. Wade.

Fact 3: Our numbers are not few. In statement after statement, interview after interview, leaders from across this country are making it clear: this is not over. From governor’s mansions to statehouse floors, the message is one of determination and tenacity.

This recent ruling does not mean that the issue is settled. It does mean that America will not achieve broad social consensus on marriage anytime soon. Actually, conflict is now guaranteed. Here’s why:

1) Some on the Left will try to use this ruling to rob Americans of their rights in the marketplace. The Court’s decision will become a bludgeon regarding business practices, as radicals try to force conservative business owners to set aside their religious values and engage in activities which violate their faith.

2) Some on the Left will also use this ruling as a crowbar to pry open America’s education system and force the radical homosexual perspective into our schoolchildren’s curricula.

3) The ripple effect of this ruling will be felt in every realm of life, all the way into our churches, even into the private recesses of individual families. Hillary Clinton said as much, in her post-ruling statement: “While we celebrate today, our work won’t be finished until every American can not only marry, but live, work, pray, learn and raise a family free from discrimination and prejudice.”

Not long ago, liberals were insisting that churches would never be forced to violate their faith in the event of a pro-same-sex marriage ruling. Now, in the blink of an eye, the march toward oppression is on!

All of which means, we must stand resolute, determined that we will not give in or give up.

If the President, his party, and this Court think they have resolved this controversial issue, they’re mistaken. By disenfranchising 50 million Americans in a decision divorced of law and logic, they have only poured fuel on the fire. Many thought, 40 years ago, that the battle for life was lost — but over time, people’s hearts and minds were moved to a new understanding of the sanctity of the unborn child. Our strategic efforts, our diligence, contributed hugely to this movement.

We can do it again. As more Americans witness and experience the erosion of religious liberty, of parental rights, of children’s innocence, and of conscience rights, their opinions will shift.

Every generation of God’s people has faced times of testing. This is our time. We must stand uncompromisingly.

This is a moment of opportunity. A presidential election campaign is ramping up. Every Justice of the Supreme Court — and every federal judge in America — has been appointed by a president of the United States.

We must have a leader who is principled and courageous. One who will not only stop what’s happening and change course, but undo the damage. One who understands American exceptionalism … one who will restore the Constitution.

It is not too early to make your voice heard. The liberal media is trying to diminish us and our views. They are trying to tell us it is all over.

We have great candidates at every level of government. I’ve sat down and spoken with a number of them; a number of these leaders feel led by God to run this race. But they cannot be successful if we don’t offer our strong and vocal support.

With your support today, we will help these candidates be as strong as they can be on the issues that matter most. We’ll equip them with information and insights, research results and talking points. We’ll conduct media interviews with candidates to help shape the debate. Our Values Voter Summit will galvanize their positions and help them present the truth with confidence.

I challenge you to step up with determination and resolve. Please give as generously as possible to FRC Action today in the spirit of Ephesians 6:13: “Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm.”

Thank you. God bless you.

Standing (Eph. 6:13),

Tony Perkins

P.S. When our friend Ken Blackwell appeared on the liberal George Stephanopoulos program on ABC to talk about the Supreme Court’s marriage ruling, left-wing groups mobilized thousands of people to bombard the network with demands that ABC ban Ken from future programs. A deliberate attempt to silence your views! Give generously, and FRC Action will see to it that your views are never silenced. Together, we can rescue America.

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