Redneck Gun Humpers Use Rainbow Flag Colored Targets For Shooting Contest

rainbow targets


Oklahoma City’s NBC affiliate:

Organizers of an Oklahoma race are coming under fire for a picture they posted on their Facebook page. It appears they’re using the LGBT rainbow flag as a shooting target. The post angered many people who took it as a direct threat to the LGBT community. Event organizers say they did not expect the response they got and that it was all meant as a joke. The Oklahoma Run ‘n Gun is a biathlon combining running and shooting. They’re promoting their upcoming race in Pawnee on July 18 on their Facebook page, but some are saying one post went too far. “People got really offended and really upset and people were really feeling threatened,” said Freedom Oklahoma Executive Director Troy Stevenson. The picture shows two men with rifles standing beside a rainbow flag and the caption reads “new high visibility targets on the 500 yard range.” “People took it as a threat, people felt very threatened,” said Stevenson.

The event organizers lawyer Daniel Hensch – (405) 880-0506; and Al Cockrell – (918) 693-3257 tried to say that the image was supposed to be a joking response to complaints that their targets were difficult to see and aid they were part of a fitness and liberty-minded group and not a hate group. Who of course just happened to use the exact 6 colors in order of the Pride Flag

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  1. Conservatives are such hateful mean people. Their idea of humor escapes me. This just makes me sick.

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