Gay CIA Contractor In Afghanistan Faked Family Emergency To Escape Anti-Gay Co-workers

Brett Jones

Brett Jones, a former Navy Seal turned CIA contractor wanted to get out of Afghanistan so badly that he faked a family emergency to so.  But as it turns out that Jones did not want out of the country because of the militants. He wanted desperately to leave  because he was constantly harassed by his fellow co-workers because he is gay.

“I don’t feel that it is very safe for me to be here,” Jones, the first gay Navy Seal revealed in a video he prefaced would be released in the case of an untimely death while serving in Afghanistan. “I don’t feel like I can work with these guys.”

The anxious confessional dated July 2 revealed Jones was more fearful of his colleagues’ harassment and pranks than of the dangers working among local militants.

Among the things that Jones had to endure included his colleagues revising their briefing and dubbing his radio call sign “Gay gay.”  And also a contingency plan loaded with sexual innuendos, such as “Reverse Cowboy/Girl” and “Cross Dresser,” that was targeted at him.

Jones who is married to a former policeman and lives in Alabama with their teenage son, wanted nothing more than to come home to his family after the constant barrage of the harassment. He fabricated a family emergency just to go home.

“I had no choice. I couldn’t say ‘Hey, stop.’ I couldn’t say ‘I don’t feel comfortable because you guys are making fun of me.’”

“These things should not affect what career you decide to go into,” Jones added.

CIA officials did not deny Jones  accusations and stated that allegations of sexual or racial harassment and discrimination are taken seriously and CIA employees are advised to report such behavior to a supervisor, manager or the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity

H/T – N.Y. Daily News

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