Trans-Activist Jennicet Gutiérrez Who Heckled Obama Feels “Betrayed” By The Gay Community – Long Version Video

Trans heckler White House


Jennicet Gutiérrez, the  undocumented trans-activist  who interrupted President Obama at the White House event celebrating LGBT Pride on Wednesday  says she feels sold out by the gay community in attendance who turned its back on her

“By booing me and not letting me be clear on the message, yeah, it seemed like they don’t care; to me it was very hurtful and heartbreaking to see my own community turning a back on me,” Gutierrez said”  It seemed like they were more concerned to be firing up social media with selfies and knowing they were at the White House with the president,” she added. “To me that is not an issue. An issue is the violence that we are facing in these detention centers, My community, which is supposed to be behind me and support me, should be embarrassed, because we cannot be making progress for some and leave others behind.

As for the prospect of never being invited back to the White House, Gutierrez couldn’t care less.

“That’s the least of my concerns,” Guitierrez said. “My concern is to continue to fight for the rights and the humane treatment of immigrant transwomen.”

Below is posted a longer version of the what exactly happened at the White House.  



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