Libertarian Gun Nuts Banned From Capital City Pride Festival In Washington State Cry Intolerance

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Over at The BLAZE, the right-wing showcase for journalism college dropout Dana Loesch and other unsavory characters, they report that a “gay Libertarian” is up in arms, literally because his group was banned from the Capital City Pride festival in Olympia, Washington because of their support for the Second Amendment and wanting to open carry at the event.

James Holcomb, a Libertarian Party of Washington member, said that tension friction between the organizers and the libertarians began when he inquired if open carry would be permitted during the festival. Holcomb said he knew some members regularly carry their firearms and wanted to ensure it would be OK.

Holcomb claims that unbeknownst to LPWA, and himself that a local open carry activist group had planned to attend the festival and Capital City Pride confused the two groups, despite his adamant clarifications that the two organizations were not affiliated whatsoever.

Our message wasn’t even about guns at all,” he said. “Our message was about the Libertarian Party and how we stood for equal rights since 1972 when we became a political party. “It just shows that the ultra-left who are mainly the organizers of these kinds of events, they aren’t really for everybody’s rights if it doesn’t suit their fancy,” Holcomb said. “They want to preach ‘we’re for everybody getting married and having civil rights,’ but it doesn’t go for everybody’s rights — just them.”

Later that day a video posted to YouTube, shows a group of obviously straight people trying to dress-up to be gay with  firearms attempting to get into the festival —. Holcomb of course said these people were not affiliated with the LPWA.

“We are asking you to respect our right to feel safe,” one woman can be heard telling the group.

When asked why the gun-touting people were at the festival, they responded that they were there to support gay rights. One man said he was “bisexual” to which an event official said, “Where’s your boyfriend?”

“It’s your constitutional right to keep and bear arms, very well,” one man said in the video. “What are you trying to achieve in bringing these machines designed to kill human beings to this public event? What are you trying to achieve with this?”

They were trying to achieve a set-up.  Because all we know being a gun owner is the same as being gay.  

Fucking idiots everywhere.

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