OUT NYC Hotelier Mati Weiderpass: I Won’t Be Silenced By Gay Extremists (And Also I’m An Idiot)

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After hosting rabidly anti-gay Republican Ted Cruz, and his partner Ian Reisner calling gays “cheap” and “entitled” one would think that the quisling multi-millionaire gay owners of OUT NYC hotel and entertainment complex in NYC  would know better by now.

But nooooooooooooooooo.

Mati Weiderpass had to open his mouth again in an op-ed for  New York Observer playing victim this time and claiming that he and his reputation are the ones being attacked by big bad “gay extremists”

Since hosting a discussion with Texas Senator Ted Cruz in my home, I have been inundated with hateful, biased social media messages, and attacks from gay extremists (do I dare say the word?) who demand inclusion, but do not believe in dialogue. I know in my heart that these attacks do not represent the rich culture and diversity of the gay community. Yet, in our community, as in so many others, the most vocal often dominate the conversation. I hope this op-ed will help heal wounds and continue necessary progress and discussion. It is amazing that my businesses are being boycotted by some because I hosted a discussion with an elected official. Not a fundraiser. Not an endorsement. A dialogue. What would we say if the Jewish community organized a boycott of a business leader who hosted a private discussion with an important Muslim politician? We know the answer. I am a longtime leader of my community – and proud of who I am and what I have accomplished. Boycotting me for a discussion? Since when have we grown so small and intolerant?”


“‘I am a longtime leader of my community’

Bitch.  our community obviously begs to differ.


6 thoughts on “OUT NYC Hotelier Mati Weiderpass: I Won’t Be Silenced By Gay Extremists (And Also I’m An Idiot)

  1. It is unfortunate that Mr. Wiederpas is suffering from the same “STINKING THINKING” as his partner, Mr Reisner. The response they have both received to statements they have made is only to be expected and warranted. When you attack your client base and call them “cheap”. Then fail to see the point about criticism on meetings with Mr. Cruz. It is apparent they are out of touch. I cannot begin to understand their thought processes. I also respect the right of anyone to meet and interact in their home. What goes on behind closed doors is not my business. When you publicize the meeting,what can you expect. Suggestion to Mr. Wiederpas and Mr Reisner hire a PR firm !

    1. So Mr Reisner is right saying the GAY Community is Cheap? Is he right to publicize meeting of a Senator that has been consistently against LGBT rights? Consistently criticized and opposed Pride celebrations and marriage? If you are GAY as stated, you must have some connection to Mr’s Reisner and Wiederpas or you are so apathetic you would set the Rights movement back 50 years. The ghosts of STONEWALL are rolling in their graves.

    2. So you are gay. Good for you honey. Now tell us how deep you are in the closet? Do you hate poor people? How do you help the poor/ Are you racist? Oh, yes. You know black people and they are your friends. (smirk) And are you homophobic? I bet the answer to that is yes.

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