Ohio Hate-Shrew Linda Harvey: GLSEN’s “Day of Silence” Causes “Healthy Breasts To Be Amputated”.

Linda Harvey evil harpy


“It’s over for another year, but a sobering question should make every teacher, administrator and parent pause: what would Jesus think about the pro-homosexual Day of Silence? What would Jesus have said to those encouraging boys to deny manhood and believe the lie of effemininity? What would He say as girls are pushed toward that glorious day when they are old enough for amputation of healthy breasts and hormones to grow beards? Would the Lord nod in agreement with those who say it’s ‘hate’ to object to such harmful messages? Only Satan could write this stuff. The author of confusion has certainly devised a way to enter the public schools and paint faithful Christians as the enemy and advocates of deviance as heroes protecting children. At the name of Christ, Satan will flee, if schools would only call on Him.” – Mission: America hate group leader Linda Harvey, writing for Matt Barber’s haterag BarbWire.

Well if anyone knows about being a BOOB it’s Linda Harvey

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