Indiana GOP Refuses To Consider LGBT Anti-Discrimination Bill After Hiring PR Firm To Fix It’s Anti-Gay Image – #StillBoycottIndiana



Earlier this week it was disclosed that the state of Indiana had hired a PR firm and was expected to spend more than $2,ooo,000.00 to repair its damaged image of appearing anti-gay after Republican  Gov. Mike Pence’s signed its very discriminatory  Religious Freedom Restoration bill into law.

But even after suffering all the damage of the past few weeks today the Republican controlled Indiana House once again showed its anti-gay stripes and denied an attempt to extend protections for LGBT residents under the state’s non-discrimination laws in response to the uproar over the new religious objections law.

Via the Associated Press:

The proposal called for adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the Indiana civil rights law covering education, employment and housing. Republican leaders say there isn’t enough time left in the legislative session to tackle such a policy change, and GOP members backed a ruling Tuesday that the proposal didn’t meet House rules for consideration. Senate Republicans on Tuesday also rejected a proposal to create a special committee to study the non-discrimination issue.

You can cover shit with candy sprinkles but it will still stink.

Good luck with that, Indiana.

And remember  #StillBoycottIndiana

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