FRC Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins: God Did Not Make Mayor Pete Gay!

Family Research Council Hate Group President Tony Perkins: “We Will Not Be Re-educated, We are not going away”

Tony Perkins


FRC hate group President Tony Perkins responded this week  to a New York Times column by Frank Bruni in which Bruni talked about the growing number of LGBT accepting Christians by countering that any Christians who make biblical arguments in favor of homosexuality are committing religious heresy.  And that he and his anti-gay hating ilk aren’t going anywhere.

Said Perkins:

“Bruni grants no possibility that there is a rich, articulate, persuasive, and sound literature by Christian theologians demonstrating how clear and unchanging is the Bible’s teaching on same-sex intimacy, marriage, and human sexuality in general.

“He is disinterested in such, and instead appeals to outliers like David Gushee and Matthew Vines. And in a particularly desperate move, he notes that the ‘United Church of Christ, the Episcopal Church and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)’ have all affirmed same-sex relationships.

“True, but these historic denominations are no longer mainstream. They are dying, becoming more like social clubs and liberal foundations than proclaimers of a faith delivered with clarity and finality, once for all.”

“We will not be ‘re-educated,’ nor will we be silent. We are not going away. We love you too much to affirm sin in any fashion. We condemn any vitriol you receive from those who, outraged by your dismissive and hostile column, call you names or worse. And we love you too much to reduce Christian faith to simply being ‘nice’ or affirming what the God of Creation and of the Bible says is un-affirmable.

“Sin is sin. Our sin. Your sin. God sets the standard, not us. His standard is not unclear or subjective or ambivalent.”


Drama Queen.

2 thoughts on “Family Research Council Hate Group President Tony Perkins: “We Will Not Be Re-educated, We are not going away”

  1. Maybe I am just missing something here, but where are the wings of the FRC that work against the sins of say, infidelity, divorce, children out of wedlock?? To make your livelihood and life’s mission to go against only 1 sin that is just too much for you to wrap your head around because you are a straight, caucasion, male, is just astounding to me.

  2. “We love you, but God hates you, but we hate gay marriage, but love you anyway, so much that we want to repress you into the closet.” These people are so crazy. My head spins when Perkins bloviates. What a dumb monomaniacal ass.

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