Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS Cancels Show At Gay OUT NYC Hotel After Owners Hold Fundraiser For Ted Cruz

Broadway Bares Cancelled


Everyone has heard about this weeks HomoCON fundraiser held for the very anti-gay and despicable Sen. Ted Cruz by  Mati Weiderpass and Ian Reisner , longtime business partners who were once a couple and who have been pioneers in the gay hospitality industry.

Reisner, the owner of the OUT NYC hotel and nightclub complex near Times Square is where Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS  was to hold its annual fundraiser.

I say WAS because after BC/EFA heard about thew fundraiser for Cruz and the uproar afterwards they have cancelled the upcoming May 1oth. performance.

From the Facebook page of Broadway Cares, Executive Director Tom Viola:

It is with regret that this year’s edition of the Broadway Bares SOLO STRIPS which was scheduled for May 10 at the OUT NYC Hotel’s 42West Club is cancelled.

I don’t know if you are aware of the controversy that has erupted around the recent New York Times article that reported on a small reception for Senator Ted Cruz as he begins his campaign for the Republican nomination for President, that was… attended by the owner of the OUT NYC Hotel/42West and hosted by his former partner.

I have never considered that all of our many supporters would ever vote monolithically, nor is there a political litmus test for any one of us. Those are personal decisions each of us makes based, I hope, on our passions and concerns for ourselves as individuals as well as the communities in which we live and with whom we are clearly identified and closely associated.

But when any politician publicly holds so many of us in contempt and promotes the institution of law and public policy that condemns or diminishes all that BC/EFA stands for, full equality for all and the very people who we are committed to embrace, we cannot be misunderstood as standing with him/her. And unfortunately, silence, or in this case inaction, is not a neutral position.

This is not about partisan politics or punishment. This is about doing what’s right to ultimately ensure that BC/EFA’s commitment to the men, women and children we serve cannot be questioned.

If you have purchased tickets for SOLO STRIPS, please visit the BC/EFA website for a full refund. If you do not require a refund, I promise that your donation will be put to good use in our next grant round in July to support the essential work of AIDS and family service organizations in all 50 states, committed to helping those most disenfranchised by people in power who actively work to restrict and deny equal rights to all.

BRAVO and BRAVA to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS!

Integrity is such an important thing in the LGBT community and lately is so lacking  (*cough* HRC *cough*)  it is so good to see an organization that actually has it.

NOTE: Broadway Bares 25 will take place as scheduled at the Hammerstein Ballroom on June 24th. Get tickets here.

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