Anti-Gay Day Students At Pennsylvania High School EXPOSED! Do You Know These Bigots In Training?


Anti-Day day revealed


McGuffey High School in Claysville, Pennsylvania made headlines over the weekend when a group of students organized an “Anti-Gay Day’ in direct retaliation to the LGBT youth-supportive National Day of Silence (NDOS) on Friday.

Via GPhilly:

A student named Ashley, wrote to G Philly saying that organizers of the anti-gay movement asked students to wear flannel shirts and write “anti-gay” on their hands if they opposed the LGBT community. “Stickers and flyers are also being placed around the school and on queer kids’ lockers that read ‘ANTI-GAY,’ she wrote. “This movement is a retaliation of the Day Of Silence that was set in place to remember people whose lives have ended due to LQBTIA bullying. The ‘Anti-Gay’ club, to begin with, is an obvious sign of bullying and discrimination.

All across the internet this weekend a picture of the male students who organized the hatefest  was published with their faces digitized out.

We at Back2Stonewall think that these not-so-brave homophobic miscreants should get the full attention that they deserve, so we have decided to publish the un-doctored photo’s of the boys for all the world to see.

Their parents must be so proud.


*Many thanks to the awesome Ken Kidd for help with this post

48 thoughts on “Anti-Gay Day Students At Pennsylvania High School EXPOSED! Do You Know These Bigots In Training?

  1. People might say that they are too young to be publicly shamed but they are actively oppressing and intimidating others and that must be taken into consideration. I’m glad you put their faces up.

  2. My only quibble is with calling them bigots in training. They’re bigots, pure and simple. No more training is needed.

  3. Ummmm…. if they hate gays, then why are they on their knees in front of guys, and have their arms around each other…. IJS

  4. THE GROUP OF GUYS LOOK GAY TO ME. Many young men who are in the closet act out against openly gays guys & gals. Guys who are well adjusted to their own sexuality do not bully other persons about sexuality. Additionally, flannel shits were all the rage & gets country gay guys hooked up with each other. Really, that group photo looks like gay guys in the closet.

  5. Lmao…. if you have ever been to a gay bar, these guys look like the guys I hang with. Gay men have beards and we love flannel shirts. Welcome to the club boys.

  6. I just listened to a interview on X-ray about an author on a public shaming in social media book. Apparently it will backfire on both parties and ruin lives.

  7. They’re kids you idiot. You don’t know the whole story and how about I take your photo and publicly shame you for being so stupid. There are death threats for these boys. They are practicing their freedom of speech like the club did.

    1. So when one of those ‘kids’brings a gun to school and shoots 20 people, it’s ok right, bc he’s ‘just a kid’

    2. I don’t think you understand what Freedom of Speech actually entails. The law is there to stop the GOVERNMENT from censoring speech. It has absolutely nothing to do with people offering their own opinions or attempting to incite hate and intolerance. You know what you get for that? Consequences.

      These kids need to learn that their actions have consequences. It’s not like these bullies and those similar to them have not threatened gay kids with death themselves, or forced them into committing suicide.

      And as a side note, if these idiots were so proud of their “free speech”, then why conceal their identities? The kids who stand up for equal rights – who establish gay-straight alliances in high school – have no problem revealing themselves to the world, and do you know why? Because they know what they are doing is right.

    3. Kay, you are right, they have a right to practice their freedom of speech. Even if we don’t like it, they have a right to spout their opinoins. However, they also have to learn that there are ramifications for their actions. They might think it’s cool to spread this hateful shit, but civilized society is standing up and saying “we will not accept this anymore.” So, yes, they should say what they feel, but they don’t get to say it and then be pussies about it when people say “FUCK YOU AND YOUR ATTITUDE LITTLE BOYS.” If they are gonna act all “grown up” they can take the shit they get for it.

    4. Kay – I will send people round to kill you….

      Now where does this version of free speech get you?
      You see it’s not so free when advocating harm towards others.

      Obviously im not sending people round to kill you, As I wouldn’t stoop to your cretinous level.

  8. Freedom of speech is not at the risk of someone else’s being deprived. Is writing on the gay students lockers freedom of speech or flat-out bullying/intimidation? With so many gay high schoolers committing suicide over this kind of behavior, isn’t their bullying behavior considered a threat? So not showing their faces protects the big bullies in their little pond as they ruin others lives. Yet when they are exposed… they deserve protection? It’s a case of I’m not sorry unless I get caught. You can’t have it both ways.

    1. It didn’t happen!! I go to school here. One girl is saying all this crap for the attention and because we all know the media will take it and run. There is NO evidence or signs or bullying. Nobody got pushed or harrassed. Some kids decided to wear flannels the day after the day of silence just like the lgbt kids wore black.

  9. Clearly they’re closeted young gay men and this is really saddening… no straight men who were comfortable in their sexuality would go to the trouble of creating an “anti-gay” day at their school. Pathetic.

  10. While agreeing they are kids, and agreeing they do have freedom of speech they must also realize that their actions either good or bad have consequences. So while they mave have done it as a joke a protest or to make a statement of their stupidity , something tells me they may have learned their lesson and i am fairly sure their parents may have learned a thing or two about their laxed and deficient parenting skills.. So boys how does it feel to walk a mile in our shoes?

  11. I think these guys are conducting a rather appropriate and non violent form of protest. Just because they don’t agree with the LGBT community doesn’t require that they be hate mongers or homophobes. I don’t agree with the vegan community but I’m hardly a veganophobe.
    Implying that they are just because they spoke out against and in this case didn’t actually speak reflects badly on this community. The black and white assumption that either you agree with this way of life or you shut up lest you be publicly humiliated is exactly the tactic we defend against from an actually hateful and bigoted larger and more adult group.

  12. If you have to blurr your face, cover your face with a white hood, a nylon, a hoodie, a ski mask or a scarf, …..YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING IS WRONG, and YOU. ARE. A. COWARD.

  13. @ jon you have a complete right to your own views which should we ever meet I would try my best to listen to and understand .. While trying to get my own understanding of life and liberties through. .. I would however never put a leaflet .. post it … flyer…. through your door TELLING you why YOU or your how you live your life is WRONG … and as much as our opinions may differ I would never … “emotionally” ?? Attack you by posting anything in your physical education/ work/ social setting .. by inflicting your ideals and thoughts on anybody regardless on race/ creed/ sexuality / religeon or politics … it is the fact that people differ so much that makes life such a fantastic experience and every viewpoint that adds to that just enhances to someones viewpoint of life .. I would however like to believe that this can happen without a person looking over there shoulder or feeling judged in their life and have an honest talk about why we feel this is a good/bad way to go about things … which in a hopeful thought doesn’t affect how either party lives there lives but can still meet in a pub/cafe/diner/shopping centre/college / church/ university/ workplace and anything else without making the other person feel like a pile of crap … btw first time I have ever responded to an online post

    1. @roy the open honest conversation that you spoke of in your response is exactly what I have hoped to expect from this community. However this article and the opinions expressed are not that conversation. This article stated from a second hand source that the boys organized to wear flannel and write anti gay on their own hands. I was in school in the 90’s and I remember very well that when our LGBT community had an event or a protest they most certainly put up flyers bumper stickers, I remember one time happily taking a “soda can” holder. They wore identifiable clothing and had protest signs (if appropriate). To those that are opposed to homosexuality these events are an offense to many of their core beliefs. I could not stand here and defend them to you. But these boys chose to peacefully protest and stand up for their beliefs. Based on the article they did not personalize the arguments or verbally or physically assault anyone. In fact it would appear they did nothing more than coordinate clothing and write a message on their hands. This community however has chosen to personally attack them and has intentionally tried too interfere with their personal lives. All to tech them a lesson. I see the lesson is not in patience tolerance and understanding.

  14. Each on of these kids need to be neutered, so they don’t have Bigot kids. These so called kids are a menace to society, & must be eliminated. They are Bullies & this can not be tolerated.

  15. Anyone that thinks that they are better than anyone else, & can’t mind their own business, (take care of their own crap), doesn’t belong in Our Society These are teenagers that end up being, destructive citizens, Christ did not teach hatred, he taught love, respect etc. These are things, these kids were apparently not taught.
    Everyone needs to look in the mirror; & honestly take a good look at themselves, they are not perfect. People mind Ur own house (Business!) U haven’t the right to dictate to others; especially when U have some serious problems in Your own lives To Work Out; So do it! Leave others alone. AGAIN: only you can control yourselves, not anyone else. Only U can change U. Signs MADE TO PROTEST is fine, as long as it goes no further, but U know as well as I do, teenagers have quick tempers & do not know how to control themselves. If I was their principle, & any violence broke out, they would be suspended and jailed. Why do U think this Country is in as bad of shape as it is. Parents didn’t teach their children properly, & too think, were turning these delinquents in a few years into America’s Society to run this Great Nation. We need leaders to put it back on track. Unfortunately, these kids are not going to be the answer!!! Turning these kids over to Our Society is the Scariest thing we will ever do!

  16. Stop blaming theses boys. How about blaming their parents & preachers for convincing them of their view of gays in the 1st place?

  17. It’s all Jesus ‘ s fault lmfao. This world is fucked up and people wonder why I live in my own little oz and know nothing of the world outside my art. Stop fighting and arguing it’s exactly what they want. #illuminattidoll

    1. Kay, I think the unfortunate thing is that instead of trying to dispel the misinformation, you immediately went to the defense of the people who were being portrayed. A thoughtful, actual account of the story with your own denouncement of bigotry would have caused many more people to think first, rather than react first.

      Another thing to remember is that although the LGBT kids may have been granted a single day of recognition, EVERY OTHER DAY OF THE YEAR is anti-gay day when you are bullied for your sexual orientation.

      If having a SINGLE DAY of observance so threatens anyone that it requires retaliation, real or symbolic, then there IS a real problem. Not identifying the problem allows it to grow. Because of this article and the people involved, there is also a conversation about bullying and bigotry, and a few minds may be changed for the better.

      The picture of the students should never have been TAKEN. But since it was and the students were ok with that, it never should have been blurred in the first place.

      Everyone is granted freedom of speech, but no one is guaranteed freedom from the consequences of what they say, or the right to express unpopular opinions anonymously. If you feel strongly enough to speak out, be strong enough to own your speech.

  18. sounds like these young men need some education – even though they are in school they need some social education as to different cultures and ways of living– hope the administration does something- parents do something to open the eyes of these young and very stupid men!

  19. And I’ll bet you that at least half of them have had sex with a man and the other half are fantasizing about it now. When someone protests too much, it’s always because they are self-loathing. Coming to a gay sex bath house near you, the Hating Eight!

  20. Is this the best way to foster acceptance and understanding? How does this change the way people accept those that are different? Shaming, flaming, name-calling, bullying – it goes both ways. Those who look for equality would be better off taking the higher road instead of resorting to the same loathsome tactics that hate-filled or ignorant people use.

  21. Mpst pf these young men seem to have advanced cases of gayface. See you at the bar in a couple of years, boys.

  22. Miscreants is a good term. They look like redneck dudes, and funny how they have their arms around each other. Bro’s ? NO , Douches? YES

  23. I think it’s an excellent lesson about being who you are. Gay people can’t change who they are (no matter how much hate is hurled at them). These boys CAN change. But not unless they are confronted with the poisonousness of what they’ve been taught. It’s not a shame because they’re kids, it ‘s a learning opportunity. It’s a shame that ANY PERSON has to go through the hell that some LGBT kids do because of the way they were born. Yes, freedom of speech. Of course. And the consequences that follow. ‘Murica.

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