Young Gay Man Stoned To Death By Homophobic Hate Mob In Jamaica


An angry mob in Jamaica has reportedly stoned a young gay man to death and filmed themselves doing so while hurling rocks at his head

The vide, which has gone iral shows the young man dressed effeminately with long hair, appearing to be tied up in ropes or wire, laying in a pool of his own blood. A large stone is thrown at the boy’s head, blood gushes out.

In the background you can hear homophobic slurs, in Jamaican accents, yelling: ‘Batty man yuh fi dead!’ This means, ‘Gay, you should die’.

It’s not clear whether the victim is still alive or conscious as the rocks break his skull.

Unconfirmed sources at the time of this printing  suggest the youth was stoned in Montego Bay and it is believed to have happened in the last few weeks.

Montego Bay is the same parish in Jamaica where gender non-conforming teen Dwayne Jones was murdered in 2013. Jones was chopped and stabbed to death by a mob. No one was ever charged with the murder.

Due to the graphic nature and horrific scenes in the video Back2Stonewall has decided not to embed the video on our site. You can view it here if you are so inclined.   WARNING it is shocking and extremely disturbing.

What the fuck is wrong with people?

Source:  Gay Star News


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