UK’s National Union of Students Passes Motion For Gays To Stop Acting Like Black Women and Outlaws Drag *SNAP*



Oh Miss Thing!

The UK’s National Union of Students Women s Conference is going a bit cra-cra by today passing a motion for gay men to stop hijacking black female culture, and ironically against drag queens where much of the roots of black female culture can be found.

Via Gay Star News:

The UK’s National Union of Students has passed a policy to stop gay men appropriating black female culture. Delegates at the Women’s Conference today, many of them self-identified feminists, have passed plenty of motions. Just one of them was ensuring everyone at the conference understood that some behaviors were damaging. On Twitter, they announced: “Some delegates are requesting that we move to jazz hands rather than clapping as it’s triggering anxiety. Please be mindful!” A later motion passed was 503: “Dear White Gay Men: Stop Appropriating Black Women.” Put forward by the NUS LGBT Committee, they believe the appropriation of black women by white gay men is prevalent within the LGBTI scene and community.

“To issue a statement condemning the use of crossdressing as a mode of fancy dress. To encourage unions to ban clubs and societies from holding events which permit or encourage (cisgender) members to use cross-dressing as a mode of fancy dress.” This [motion] was given an exclusion to queer students who want to use cross-dressing in their everyday lives as a mode of expression and to those who want to cross-play by flipping the gender of a fictional character in fancy dress

And to think. All this time I thought it was black women who were acting like white gay men.



One thought on “UK’s National Union of Students Passes Motion For Gays To Stop Acting Like Black Women and Outlaws Drag *SNAP*

  1. Gurrrrrrl, this screams of assimilation, who’s appropriating who? Black Drag Queens in the 60s and 70s snapped vigorously, their invention not an appropriation, it was part of early Gay culture. “Faggotry,” some of us lovingly referred.

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