Indiana House Committee Approves Religious Liberty / Gay Discrimination Bill, Sends To Floor For Vote

Religious Freedom


The state of Indiana has moved one step closer to passing a Religious Liberty/Right to Discriminate Bill today.

Indianapolis Star:

An Indiana House committee today approved controversial religious freedom legislation after those on both sides of the issue rallied in the hallways of the Statehouse. The House Judiciary Committee voted 9-4 to send the measure to the full House for consideration. Supporters say Senate Bill 101 is necessary to protect the freedom of people with strong religious beliefs, including business owners who don’t want to provide services for same-sex wedding ceremonies. Opponents say the measure would license discrimination against gays and lesbians.

The battle over the bill mirrors last year’s fight over a proposal that would have banned same-sex marriage in Indiana’s constitution. But this year’s legislation is raising new questions about the line between religious liberty and discrimination. Freedom Indiana, the coalition of employers, gay rights groups and faith leaders who successfully stalled the marriage amendment last year, rallied against the religious freedom measure Monday morning, packing the House gallery with opponents wearing red T-shirts.

I guess Indiana didn’t want the South to be the ones having all the fun.

But serious with so many GOP heavy states attempting to pass laws like this now where is HRC National?  Even in the South they seen to only refer to the HRC Local chapters who usually do nothing more than throw benefits.  They really won’t be that much help.

Is HRC National doing anything?

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  1. We already have religious freedom in this country. This bill would allow business to discriminate against ANYONE for ANY reason, including on the basis of religion (not Christian or Catholic…no service!), gender, orientation, race, etc & they don’t have to disclose why.

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