Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Promises To “Clarify Intent” But Won’t Admit The Truth About License To Discriminate Law – Video

Fuck pence


The  Indianapolis Star is reporting that Indiana Governor Mike Pence has no idea why people are up in arms over the recent “Religious Freedom Law” and and is that its not the intention of the bill to discriminate against LGBT’s.  Adding that people’s anger against the state and the law is the result of a “misunderstanding driven by misinformation.”

Gov. Mike Pence, scorched by a fast-spreading political firestorm, told The Star on Saturday that he will support the introduction of legislation to “clarify” that Indiana’s controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act does not promote discrimination against gays and lesbians. “I support religious liberty, and I support this law,” Pence said in an exclusive interview. “But we are in discussions with legislative leaders this weekend to see if there’s a way to clarify the intent of the law.” The governor, although not ready to provide details on what the new bill will say, said he expects the legislation to be introduced into the General Assembly this coming week. Asked if that legislation might include making gay and lesbian Hoosiers a protected legal class, Pence said, “That’s not on my agenda.” Amid the deepest crisis of his political career, Pence said repeatedly that the intense blowback against the new law is the result of a “misunderstanding driven by misinformation.” He adamantly insisted that RFRA will not open the door to state-sanctioned discrimination against gays and lesbians. But he did acknowledge that Indiana’s image — and potentially its economic health — has been hurt badly by the controversy.

Also today Mediaite reports:  that pence appeared on This Week with George Stephanopoulos who grilled  Pence  over the newly-signed “religious freedom” bill, and again  Pence argued that the bill’s intentions had been misrepresented in media coverage, and insisted he would not change the bill, though he did continue to say he would “clarify” it.

Pence refused to answer two “yes or no” questions posed to him by Stephanopoulos over the potentially discriminatory ramifications of the bill, including whether it would allow a florist to deny services to a gay couple, as its supporters maintain. “There’s been shameless rhetoric about my state and this law and its intention all over the internet,” Pence said. “People are trying to make it about one particular issue, and now you’re doing that as well.”

Stephanopoulos asked the question several more times. “It’s a simple yes or no question,” Stephanopoulos said. Pence reiterated that he will not make LGBT citizens a protected class. “It doesn’t have anything to do with this law,” he objected. “This isn’t about individual rights or preferential rights for anyone.”

What a train-wreck.  Pence even forgot his invisible  gay friends!! He forgot to use the “I have homosexual friends” defense!!


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  1. Dear Mike Pence: We’ve already had this discussion. You don’t get to choose who sits at the lunch counter.

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