Franklin Graham Urges Anti-Gay Bigots Not To Stop Fighting Against Gay Rights

Franklin Graham


Franklin Graham, the son of notorious televangelist Billy Graham attended this years  Awakening Conference last week which is nothing more than a gathering of America’s most notorious and anti-gay religious extremist

Proving that this group of vicious homophobe “Christians” just hate gay people and care nothing about God, Graham Junior railed against pastors and churches for giving up on condemning homosexuality:

“Let me tell you something. A lot of pastors have quit preaching against homosexuality. You know why? I’ll tell you why. Because they are afraid that there may be some man or woman in the congregation whose son or daughter is gay.

“Don’t shut up, guys. You don’t shut up. If the people that are coming after you, ‘yak, yak, yak,’ and they want to run you out of church, then let them run you out of church. Go to another church, let them have that church. I’ll tell you what, God will bless you and he’ll honor you if you speak up and you tell the truth.

“There’s a battle to fight. And the battle, listen, it’s not against flesh and blood, all right? This is a spiritual battle. We’re fighting Satan and his demons and let me tell you something, they have got their way into government, they have got their way into every level of our government.”

The rotten hateful apple doesn’t fall from the tree.

One thought on “Franklin Graham Urges Anti-Gay Bigots Not To Stop Fighting Against Gay Rights

  1. Exactly Will. This is not about the bible. This is about hate. We don’t often say this anymore but we should never forget that most haters have issues that they are ashamed to admit. Such as dreaming about men or fantasizing about men when they fuck their women. Their shame is toxic and they perpetuate their bigotry by preaching hate. It this man wanted to be a better person he would preach tolerance. The concept is lost on him.

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