The Big Gay Walking Dead – After A Long Wait TWD Universe Proves That Gays Can Survive The Zombiepocalypse

Aaron and Andrew Gay Kiss


After years of begging, prodding, whining, and screaming, last night on The Walking Dead the newest character of Aaron came out in big way with the introduction of his partner Eric, and TWD’s first gay male kiss.

After finally meeting the group last night and a rather defensive Rick Grimes, Aaron convinces them to come with him to a “safe” community (Alexandria) And the group eventually does so,  hesitantly.   But due to Rick’s paranoia (you should have taken Rte 23 dude) and a herd of zombies which are run over, flare gunned, and generally massacred in a 10 minute melee the group divided into two vehicles gets separated. But thnks to another flare (shot in the sky this time and not into a zombie’e head) the two groups reunite and take shelter inside a store room. There’s a tearful reunion between Maggie and Glenn, and Rick and Carl – and then a third, surprising,  reunion. Aaron runs inside and kneels to the side of a man lying down with a broken ankle. His name is Eric. And as the two men kiss warmly

They tease each other intimately – Eric has brought Aaron another license plate for his collection and Aaron admits he not only lost his license plate collection – he lost the entire car. They embrace. They say they love each other. They joke about getting the blood-stained car back and parking it in front of their house, where the hideous wreck can scare away walkers. At this point Rick is in the shadows watching all of this in the shadows and this, perhaps more than any other display or speech that Aaron has given in the last 24 hours, seems to convince Rick that his guy is also a “person” who maybe, just maybe, can be trusted.

So with that one scene TWD universe finally rounded out its “veritable United Nations of characters” since the show began, and has proven that gay men can survive the Zombie apocalypse (and still stay well groomed. Daryl take note).

I have been brutally hard on TWD over the past few years about its lack of gay diversity, especially after it skipped a major gay storyline in Season 3 at the Prison.  And while Tara was a great addition even her lesbian storyline that lasted 3 episodes was very subtle.

So I would like to publicly thank AMC, Gale Anne Hurd and Scott Gimple for introducing Arron and Eric in such an unflinching, honest and if you pardon my expression “straight forward” way.


My work is done here.

Now….bring on Jesus!

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