Back2Stonewall’s Gay-ly News Round-up 1/11/2015



*  Rolling Stone tales on TLC’s “My Husband’s Not Gay” even though he really is but misses the fact that some the self -laothing Mormons involved are linked to the very dangerous and Evergreen/Northstar reperative therapy programs that were accused of torture.

* Tea Dance at Tiffany’s – Tiffany Jewelers features a gay couple  male couple in wedding ring ad.

* Virginia jumps on anti-gay hate wagon and introduces heinous “right to discriminate” law hiding behind “religious liberty.  Lets face it.  Virginia is for HATERS.

* Jeb Bush’s unseen anti-gay marriage emails exposed. Will Fred Sainz of the HRC still praise him?

* Evangelical Pastor and grifter Larry Tomczak:  “Taylor Swift will turn your children gay.” Hmmmm, I thought that was pro wrestling?

Nicole Kidman Thought Jimmy Fallon Was Gay.  Who hasn’t? 

* Gay wedding stalled in Mexico after haters claim the grooms are mentally ill and “suffer from madness”

* Queen’s guards rocked by complaint of gay soldier that he was bullied over period of years by senior colleague as Ministry of Defense launches investigation


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