Andrew Sullivan Announces He Will Soon Stop Blogging. Bye Felicia!

Andrew Sullivan


Citing the extreme stresses brought on by 15-hour days over 15 years, (and not to mention making up all that quisling bullshit)  Andrew Sullivan today told his readers that he will soon stop blogging.

I am saturated in digital life and I want to return to the actual world again. I’m a human being before I am a writer; and a writer before I am a blogger, and although it’s been a joy and a privilege to have helped pioneer a genuinely new form of writing, I yearn for other, older forms. I want to read again, slowly, carefully. I want to absorb a difficult book and walk around in my own thoughts with it for a while. I want to have an idea and let it slowly take shape, rather than be instantly blogged. I want to write long essays that can answer more deeply and subtly the many questions that the Dish years have presented to me. I want to write a book. [snip]

How do I say goodbye? How do I walk away from the best daily, hourly, readership a writer could ever have? It’s tough. In fact, it’s brutal. But I know you will understand. Because after all these years, I feel I have come to know you, even as you have come to see me, flaws and all. Some things are worth cherishing precisely because they are finite. Things cannot go on for ever. I learned this in my younger days: it isn’t how long you live that matters. What matters is what you do when you’re alive. And, man, is this place alive. When I write again, it will be for you, I hope – just in a different form. I need to decompress and get healthy for a while; but I won’t disappear as a writer. But this much I know: nothing will ever be like this again, which is why it has been so precious; and why it will always be a part of me, wherever I go; and why it is so hard to finish this sentence and publish this post.

To quote Carlos Maza of Equality Matters after hearing the news, which I expect is going to be a repeat of Cher’s farewell concert tour(s)

“I’m going to honor Andrew Sullivan’s retirement by talking down to everyone I meet and trying my best to blend in with straight people.”

Don’t let the door hit you in your big fay quisling gay ass on the way out Sully!

Good riddance to bear rubbish!


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