One Million Moms (aka 3 Old Biddies and a Computer) Issue Year End Money Beg To Help Promote Censorship



“As we draw near to the end of 2014, I want to express my appreciation for the support you have shown to us. One Million Moms continues to stand up for traditional and Christian values in our culture. The Lord is using ordinary people like you and me to make a huge difference! If we do not say something, then who will? Here is a summary of One Million Moms’ remarkable victories in 2014. Please click here since there are too many to list in this email. Praise the Lord! These accomplishments are the result of the Lord’s blessing on our collective actions. Our mission is important and will be needed even more next year than it was this year as the world will only become darker. We may not win all the battles, but there is hope because we will win some, as evidenced by our 2014 accomplishments. I sure don’t want to surrender our country without a fight, and I know you don’t either. Would you help us to continue these important efforts? We depend heavily on year-end donations. Your tax deductible and confidential end-of-the-year gift is greatly needed for 1MM to start the New Year with adequate resources to remain strong! 1MM can never thank you enough for your generosity, but we will always try.” – Monica Cole

Why would anyone donate money to people who are too stupid to know how to use a TV remote?

Stupid bitches.

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