SURPRISE! – Sixth Circut Used White Supremacist Group’s Anti-Gay Arguments To Uphold Gay Marriage Bans


Its come to light that the Traditional Youth Network, a white supremacist group, filed an amicus brief late last March with the Sixth Circuit Court in support of Michigan’s ban on same-sex marriage. Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, who defended the ban denounced the groups brief  saying that it should be used “to line a birdcage.” But on Friday, Kyle Bristow, who filed the brief for the bigoted group  pointed out that Bush appointees Judge Jeffrey Sutton’s ruling used much of the same language as his brief.

Although the Left disparaged the Traditionalist Youth Network, LLC, for arguing for tradition and invoking the judicial philosophy of originalism, the Sixth Circuit invoked originalism—they called it “original meaning”—and stated rather overtly, “Tradition reinforces the point.” Judge Sutton also referred to “thousands of years of adherence to the traditional definition of marriage” in his written opinion, which echoes the sentiment espoused within our brief: “[T]he Western and American legal traditions have proscribed sodomy—much less same-sex marriage—for thousands and hundreds of years, respectively.” Not surprisingly, Judge Sutton mentioned the importance of tradition in the very first paragraph of his lengthy written opinion: “[M]arriage has long been a social institution defined by relationships between men and women. So long defined, the tradition is measured in millennia, not centuries or decades. So widely shared, the tradition until recently had been adopted by all governments and major religions of the world.” Also, our brief pointed out that sexual deviants with proclivities stranger than those even of homosexuals could demand the “right” to marry if the Court ruled that states cannot constitutionally regulate marriage, and the liberals mocked us for making the “slippery slope argument.” Well, Judge Sutton agrees with us, which is evinced by what he opined in his opinion: “If it is constitutionally irrational to stand by the man-woman definition of marriage, it must be constitutionally irrational to stand by the monogamous definition of marriage.” How do you liberals like them apples?

“Proscribed sodomy”?

I will have you know you that my doctor, Dr. Buttsmack prescribed sodomy for me with unlimited refills!

How do you  like them apples!

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  1. All Judge Sutton did was get his name out there, and for what? Looking for some momentary recognition, for being the first federal circuit court to buck the trend, while having no concern for the “dignity” of gay people and being more concerned that overturning the ban would be “demeaning” to the democratic process.
    No “Happy Holidays” card for you Judge!

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