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FRC Backed Duggar Thanksgiving Message Thanks God ForThe Hobby Lobby Case and the Gay Hating GOP. – Video

TLC's Josh Duggar with his boss FRC President, hate group leader, and white supremacist Tony Perkins
TLC’s Josh Duggar with his boss FRC President, hate group leader, and white supremacist Tony Perkins


Josh Duggar of the TLC program 19 Kids and Counting and his mini-klan has put out an extra special FRC backed  family’ Thanksgiving wishes video where he and his brood Thank God for the Hobby Lobby ruling and the God fearing-gay hating GOP.

Duggar  proudly works for the Family Research Council  a Southern Poverty Law Center-certified hate group that specializes in spreading anti-gay propaganda about LGBT people and trying to keep them from having the same rights as other Americans.

From Raw Story:

“Hey, it’s Josh Duggar. You probably know me from 19 Kids and Counting on reality TV. I’m also the executive director of Family Research Council Action here in Washington, D.C., When I think about what FRC Action and my family are truly thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday season, there are so many things that come to mind. We are truly blessed.”

As Duggar dresses his kids for the cold and takes them on a drive, he discusses the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling, what a “blessing” it is that states are passing fetal personhood rules and how he and the family are “so grateful” that the Republicans won big in the midterm elections of 2014.

“The efforts of American families are making a difference,” he insists.

Getting his wife and children out of their SUV’s back seats at the Capitol Building in Washington, Duggar says, “We’re so grateful for this time of the year and from out family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!”

“Come on, let’s go, guys!” he says to his brood as they set off walking towards the Capitol, a not-so-subtle message, according to some, that Duggar has political aspirations.

The Duggars — America’s newest HATE GROUP backed by the FRC and TLC.




Will Kohler

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