“Christian” Law School In Canada Refused Accreditation Because Of Its Anti-Gay Covenant



The Law Society of British Columbia has voted against accrediting a “Christian” law school due to open in British Columbia because of its anti-gay positions on homosexuality.

Trinity Western University a private institution in Langley with around 3,600 students requires all students to abide by a covenant that forbids intimacy outside heterosexual marriage, which some argue discriminate against those in the LGBT community. They plan to open the law school in 2016. The Law Society’s council originally approved the school, but was asked to reconsider by members. Last month, they formally approved a referendum. In a binding decision, 74 per cent of lawyers voted against TWU’s program, with 8,039 ballots cast in total – more than 60 per cent of all lawyers eligible to vote.

CBC News:

TWU president Bob Kuhn expressed his frustration with the recent vote as he left a ratification meeting at the law society on Friday morning. “They had to choose between the principles upon which they made the initial decision and the popularity of that decision among lawyers in the province,” says Kuhn. “We’re disappointed of course they chose the latter. But that’s the reality of people in an elected position.” British Columbia is now the third province, after Ontario and Nova Scotia, to officially reject the university’s law school. Kuhn says it’s not clear whether the Christian university will move ahead with its 2016 opening date, and the school will decide in the coming weeks whether to file a judicial review.

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One thought on ““Christian” Law School In Canada Refused Accreditation Because Of Its Anti-Gay Covenant

  1. This school should be shut down. Apparently the school administrators don’t have a grasp of the societal norms in 2016, nor the legislative changes that have occurred in the last 20 years.

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