AFA Hate Group’s Bryan Fischer: The GOP Won Because Our Prayers At Anti-Gay Rally In Houston – VIDEO

Bryan Fischer  2


American Family Association hate group spokesdouche Bryan Fischer believes that the GOP;s victory in Tuesday’s midterm elections was because God answered the anti-gay prayers of those who attended the Family Research Council’s Houston,  TX hate rally last Sunday.

Said Fischer:

“It occurred to me last night, a good part of Sunday night was a lot of these pastors in Houston and a lot of people all around the country kneeling in prayer on the floor of that auditorium, repenting of sins, seeking God for forgiveness for ourselves and for this land. And then, on Tuesday, we have this dramatic victory. I’ve got to believe there’s a connection there.”


Hmmm.  I pooed that Sunday too.  There must be  a connection to the GOP win there also.


What do you think?

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