BUSTED! – Famous Las Vegas Wedding Chapels Refuse To Marry Same-Sex Couples

elvis chaple


Viva to the  Las Vegas CBS affiliate for doing some investigative reporting and finding out that some of Las Vegas’ most famous wedding chaples, including the Elvis Wedding Chapel are REFUSING to marry same sex couples:

After making calls to about 15 wedding chapels, 8 News NOW found that several of them refused to perform wedding ceremonies for same-sex couples. The Elvis Wedding Chapel, which welcomes traditional and Elvis-themed weddings, said they wouldn’t marry same-sex couples. However, when the 8 News Now cameras were rolling as we tried to get their stance on camera, they refused to open the door. “I’m not going to tell you,” David with the Elvis Wedding Chapel said, “It just — there is no story here.”

Dolly Deleon, the owner of the Vegas Wed Chapel, said she’s a born-again believer in Jesus. “My faith won’t allow me,” Deleon said. She said she’s been asked to wed same-sex couples before, but has found that mostly people accept it when she says no. She did not know that a couple who is turned away based on race, sex, or sexual orientation could file charges against her. That could then lead to a misdemeanor arrest. “I would be a hypocrite if I said I’m a Bible-believing person and yet I would perform marriage that believe is solely against God’s law,” Deleon said. (http://vegaswed.com/)

She runs a fucking Las Vegas wedding chapel and HER FAITH won’t allow it?  Bwahahahhahahahahahahaha!

Oh make it stop. It hurts.


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