Bill Clinton Performs At Human Rights Campaign Gay-la National Dinner (Video)

Bill Clinton HRC


Via Politico:

The fired-up crowd attending the Human Rights Campaign’s national dinner at Washington D.C.’s cavernous convention center was particularly enthusiastic whenever he mentioned Hillary Clinton, a likely 2016 Democratic candidate. The former president noted her support for gay rights during her time at State, when she said that “gay rights are human rights, and human rights are gay rights.” “I love the HRC. The initials are great,” Clinton said as the crowd embraced the dual reference to the rights organization and his wife’s middle name, Rodham. Early on, the former president also mentioned Guy Cecil, the executive director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, who is thought to be a candidate to run Hillary Clinton’s potential presidential campaign. Bill Clinton noted several times how much has changed on the gay rights front — including court-sanctioned gay marriage in many places — since he addressed the organization in 1997. “One thing we have learned is no human heart is immune to an honest outreach,” he said. “No one can forever ignore their personal experience. If you ask somebody who the most conservative member of the Bush administration was, most people say Dick Cheney. But Dick Cheney was for gay marriage [and] gay rights because of his daughter [one of whom is gay], because of his personal human experience.”

NO mention of DOMA.

NO mention of DADT.

NO mention that he SIGNED those bills, had the nerve to campaign for re-election using them as campaign points and that he helped create over a decades of inexpressible heartbreak and inequality for hundreds of thousands of gays and lesbians in the United States

And still NO apology to the Lesbian and Gay community for signing either.

(And lets not forget Welfare reform. The selling-out of the middle class.and not thaving enough respect for the presidency to keep his pants zipped for a few years.)


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  1. WoW!!! You are always so harsh and unforgiving of people. The times were different. He was under tons of pressure from the other side to get other things signed and passed at the time. Man, give the man a break. He has apologized, I guess you didn’t see the speech. He has slowly changed just like the rest of the country has. Remember he is from a redneck state that doesn’t have the most forward of thinkers. He was a great president caught between two of the worst this country has ever had. I would vote for him again in a heartbeat if he ran. Really sometimes you are a little to radical to be believed. Change for us has been faster then any other civil rights movement in our history. Women fought for over 100 years just to get the vote. They actually lost it in the early 1800’s. Black are still fighting especially for voting rights.. At least we have a very conservative supreme court to thank for lots of this change. Relax dude, who ever thought we would get this far in our lifetimes??! Give it one more generation and everything will be okay. Just remember the poor men in the generations before us suffered more then we will ever know or could even relate to.

    1. malibujd – Read more gay history. Gay men and lesbians have been persecuted, killed and tortured since medevil times. Stonewall was not the beginning of the fight for our Equality as Selma Alabama was not the start for the fight for Civil Rights.

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