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Eight Men Arrested In Egypt After Gay Wedding Video Goes Viral – Video

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The BBC is reporting that seven Egyptian men have been arrested and will be charged with inciting debauchery and spreading images that violate public decency after a  video the men surfaced showing them  celebrating on a Nile river boat at what appeared to be a gay wedding.

During the minute-long video two men are seen exchanging rings before kissing each other aboard a Nile felucca. The pair are surrounded by cheering friends. Meanwhile a cake featuring the pair’s faces is also present in the film.

In the hours following the clip’s release, many Egyptians took to social media in support of the couple.

The men could face charges of inciting debauchery and spreading images that violate public decency..

The prosecutor general also ordered for the men to be forced to undergo forensic exams before calling for their trial to be fast tracked to “safeguard the values of society and implement justice.”

A statement released by state news agency MENA described the video as showing “a devilish shameless party.” The prosecutor said the video dates back to April.

While Homosexuality is not explicitly outlawed in Egypt, Egyptian police have long made the lives of homosexuals a living hell. In 2001, 21 men were handed three-year jail sentences after cops raided a so-called ‘gay party’ on the Queen Nile boat.

Meanwhile 14 men were arrested at a sauna in Cairo’s El-Marg district in October last year and have since been charged with a variety of offences linked to so-called “indecent behavior.” In November, nine men were arrested on similar charges at a private party in 6th October City.



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