CORRECTION: HRC’s Chad Griffin Only Makes An Obscene $429,410.00 A Year, Not An Obscene $507,000.00

Chad Griffin$


Last week we reported with Todd Swindell and longtime gay activist and San Francisco District 8 Supervisor Candidate Michael Petrelis of The Petrelis Files this week revealed Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin’s 2013  has climbed to the outrageously astronomical sum of over half-a-million dollars a year ($507,000.00 to be exact)    Well that was not exactly right.  There was some confusion in reading HRC’s 990’s

On the 990’s the compensation on the HRC c4 990’s is TOTAL COMPENSATION for all of the employees listed on there so that actually made Chad’s compensation $429,410. a year.  The mistake happened when numbers from the HRC Foundation  c3 990 listed for Griffin was ADDED into his salary when in actuality its the amount that the Foundation gives to HRC c4 to help cover his $429,410.00 a year salary.

Now doesn’t it make you feel better knowing that Chad Griffin ONLY makes only $232.00 an hour instead of $274.00 an hour!

Other HRC employees salaries are corrected and noted below:

2013 HRC 990


Chad Griffin$$$SSS-vert


Our apologizes in the delay of posting this updated information.

*Based on a 37.5 hour work week/50 weeks a year 


3 thoughts on “CORRECTION: HRC’s Chad Griffin Only Makes An Obscene $429,410.00 A Year, Not An Obscene $507,000.00

  1. So. He is the president of HRC. Compared to what presidents of the average company makes he is working for relatively cheap. Plus I wonder how much he pumps back into HRC, AFER etc.

    1. That is not an “apples to apples” comparison since HRC is a political action committee and not a business enterprise. It is ludicrous to think his salary would be in line with an “average” company with stockholders and a profit and loss statement.

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