American Family Association Hate Group Spokes-douche Bryan Fischer Equates Being Gay To Raping A Puppy

That disgusting piece of  walking shit that tries to pass himself off as a human being Bryan Fischer of the anti-gay hate group the American Family Association took to Twitter and likened bestiality with homosexuality, according to the awesome Jeremy Hooper over at  Good As You.

Fischer in referring to a story on USA Today about a Florida man who has been jailed for five years for raping his 8-month-old pitbull puppy, tweeted:

“How long before an attorney defends a guy like this on grounds it’s his orientation, he was born this way?”

What a disgusting evil fuck he is.

God help Bryan Fischer if I ever run into him in person.

By the way the sick individual that Fischer refers to in the USA Today story is a registered Republican.

Bryan Fischer animal

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