AFA’s Bryan Fischer: People With HIV Should Be Quarantined Like Ebola​ Patients – Video

Bryan Fischer lunatic


Just when you thought American Family Association hate groups resident spokesdouche Bryan Fischer couldn’t possibly get any more douche-ier,  Fischer cited on his radio program today argued that people with HIV should be quarantined as a public health measure.

Claiming that if both Ebola and HIV are spread through the exchange of bodily fluids, then the same steps should be taken to protect the public in both cases, Fischer asserted that “this is how liberals will always betray, when they don’t realize what they’re doing, they will betray the reality that they are fundamentally conservative at the core.”

“Here’s President Obama saying when you’ve got a public health crisis that is caused by a virus that is transmitted through the exchange of bodily fluids, what do you do? You quarantine it! You even use military assets, if needed, to quarantine the people who have that virus so they cannot transmit it and spread it among the rest of the population”


1 thought on “AFA’s Bryan Fischer: People With HIV Should Be Quarantined Like Ebola​ Patients – Video

  1. To be honest the argument to giving these kinds of nit twit people the oxygen they so clearly and desperately need is getting harder and harder to substantiate. This is one of the extremely rare comments I ever make regarding this kind of nonsense. Although I realize and appreciate why these things are posted, I do so in the sincerest and open hearted peaceful hope the blogger will hopefully see sense and realize that starving a fire of its oxygen is far more effective and productive to getting rid of these desperate people. Peace and love

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