Ugandans Hold First Ever Pride Event After Draconian Anti-LGBT Law Overturned

Uganda Pride


For the first time ever Ugandan activists held ta gay pride rally Saturday celebrating the overturning the heinous anti-homosexuality law sparked by religious extremist Scott Lively. 

The overturned law, condemned as “abominable” by rights groups across the globe  but popular among many Ugandans, called for “proven” homosexuals to be jailed for life and forced other Ugandans to denounce gays to the authorities for fear of jail.

There was little police presence, and no one came to protest the celebration, even if many in the town said they did not approve.

“This event is to bring us together. Everyone was in hiding before because of the anti-homosexuality law,” organizer Sandra Ntebi told AFP.

“It is a happy day for all of us, getting together,” Ntebi said, noting that police had granted permission for the invitation-only “Uganda Pride” rally.

But gay rights activists warn the battle is not over.

Lawmakers signed a petition calling for a new vote on the bill, and to bypass parliamentary rules that require it be formally reintroduced from scratch — a process that could take years.

If America is smart it will take away Scott Lively’s passport NOW.

Source:  Raw Story


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