Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber Wanted For Hate Crimes In Canada. Let The Martyrdom Begin

Matt Barber

Well it was bound to happen.  A human rights complaint has been filed against a Newfoundland magazine for publishing a two-page hateful and propaganda filled anti-gay “article” by the Liberty Counsel’s own failed boxer, failed insurance man and current hate group moouthpiece Matt Barber.

Western Pride NL has filed a complaint with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary alleging that The Newfoundland Herald has propagated hate against the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender queer and/or questioning) community by publishing an article that speaks of the “evil homosexuals.” They say the publication of the blog article “The Coming Christian Revolt,” from the fundamentalist Christian blog site Barbwire is a hate crime under the Criminal Code of Canada.

Now “Ban-bam”  is going full tilt crazy martyr on Twitter, and has sent out more than 40 links to the same World Net Daily column in which he claims to be personally sought for by Canadian authorities on hate crime charges. 

You could’ve timed their response to a stopwatch. Want to see a collectivist conniption? Drop an unvarnished truth bomb in the middle of Canada, most of Europe or blue-state USA and sit back for the mouth-frothing. It’s quite a show. The bright light of salty truth both blinds and burns those given over to reprobation. CBC News, the “largest news broadcaster in Canada,” reported on both my column and the ensuing response: “Members of a Newfoundland and Labrador Pride group were so outraged about a two-page anti-gay [read: Christian] letter to the editor published by an entertainment magazine in the province, they filed a human rights complaint.” The Telegram, another mainstream Canadian publication, further reported that both my column and the fact that the Newfoundland Herald published it each constitute “a hate crime under the Criminal Code of Canada.” (Ahh … don’t you love the smell of tyranny in the morning? Come and get me, you homofascist Canucks.)

ACTUALLY the complaint was filed against the Newfoundland Herald, not Matt Barber.  But hey Matt why let a little thing like the TRUTH get in the way now after all these years of lying you piece of pathetic shit.

All bluster and bullshit.  Get off your cross bitch someone needs the wood.

I bet she wears lacy pink panties.

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