Hateful Florida Rev. T.W. Jenkins Stands By His Decision To Deny Gay Man Funeral

Evil Rev Jenkins
The despicable Rev. T.W. Jenkins of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Tampa, Florida who last week who cold-heartedly canceled at man’s funeral at the last minute after discovering the man was gay and married is standing by his decision and isn’t apologizing for his actions, saying that the ‘trials’ his church is facing in the public eye have “come to make us stronger.”

WTSP  the station that broke the story did a follow-up visit to the Mt. Hope church on Sunday and reports that they were initially not allowed into the building, but were permitted to enter 40 minutes after the service began

In the video below, Jenkins talks about his family’s well-being and thanks his congregation for their prayers.

“My family is doing fine,” he said to claps from the audience. “Church family please remain focused and prayerful … and we will continue to stand on the word of God.”

THIS is “Christianity”?  A bunch of people who applaud themselves for denying a human being dignity in death? The sheer inhumanity and offensiveness of this while parading their hate of those who are different while hiding behind “religion” is beyond appalling.

Pastor Jenkins should be tarred and feathered, his hateful congregation horse-whipped and his “church” brunt to the ground and the land sowed with salt.

And that would be too good for them.



One thought on “Hateful Florida Rev. T.W. Jenkins Stands By His Decision To Deny Gay Man Funeral

  1. What a shame the Rev. will never know that there is no hell and no heaven just a bunch of non-discriminating maggots waiting to munch on all his yummy fat and twisted brain matter he will be leaving behind. He could have chosen to do the right and compassionate thing but he chose to hate and judge which seems to be a very christian thing these days.

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