FRC’s Tony Perkins Wants “Christian” Businesses Should Take The “Gays” Money And Give It To Ex-Gay Groups! – Audio

Tony Perkins Bobblehead

Family Research Council president and resident white supremacist Tony Perkins has taken to the anti-gay airwaves once again this time to decry what he considers the targeted persecution of Christian businesses by the evil gays who want to use thier religion to discriminate in the Lord’s name Perkins said on Monday’s edition of his FRC radio show “Washington Watch.”

And what does Perkins think these embattled religious extremist business bigots should do? Well take the perverts money and then donate it to an ex-gay “therapy” torture groups!

Right Wing Watch:

“They’re targeting these Christian businesses these Christian bakers and Christian photographers and put them in a dilemma. Are they going to operate according to their faith or comply? And sometimes it’s under the threat of the law.

These businesses should put a sign out the front saying ‘we’re a Christian business and we believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman but we’ll serve everybody because we’re forced to, but just know that all profits from these same-sex ceremonies will be given to ministries that help those that want to come out of the homosexual lifestyle. I think that will stop a lot of the targeting of Christian businesses when those people realize that ‘hey if I’m going to do business there my money is going to go to those ministries that actually help people overcome same-sex attraction. I think that’s one way that, as Barney Fife would say would ‘nip it in the bud.'”

So lets this “straight”.  Well straighter than Tony Perkins anyway.  The same Goober hate group leader who is terrified of the names of his anti-gay donors being published, is advocating for those same anti-gay people to publicly announce their anti-gay bigotry.


By all means let’s.  And lets label them as we do any product.  How about this?



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