Constantine Producer Gets Defensive Over Bi-Erasure of Title Character – Is David S. Goyer A Queer Culture Leech?

Constantine - Bisexual

Following up on an earlier story NBC’s upcoming adaptation of Hellblazer and the “bi-erasure” its title character.  Executive producers Daniel Cerone and David S. Goyer got just a tad defensive when journalist Lindsey Cepak, of, had the nerve to broach the question about the character’s sexuality.

The question began, “In the comics, Constantine is bisexual—”

“My question for you is when in the comic books was he introduced as bisexual?” Goyer interrupts.

“It was back in Image. Back before it was owned by DC,” Cepak responds.

“Yes but my point,” Goyer answers, “it was about 12 years into the character’s history. It’s not like he was introduced… it happened 12 years later.”

During the conversation, Goyer said the show “never said Constantine wasn’t bisexual. He just isn’t getting out of bed with a man in the pilot.” The producer’s seemingly contradictory statements on Constantine’s sexuality left many, including Cepak, wanting a solid answer.

 Goyer is also responsible for straight-washing and then bi-washing of the character of the Leonardo da Vinci on Starz channel’s low rated Da Vinci’s Demons and in the past has been defensive about that too.  Many are believe that Goyer is nothing more: “straight coward poaching off of queer culture.” and a “queer culture leech” including this website.

Cepak talked about her exchange with Goyer.

“I will admit, I did get flustered,” Cepak said. “I know some of my facts were wrong, but I was not expecting to be accused of being a fake geek girl, and condescended to.”

“It also infinitely frustrated me to hear him act like the ’12 years’ should somehow negate the fact that Constantine is a bisexual,” said Cepak.

“I doubt it would have mattered if I named the issue where he was first shown to be bisexual,” Cepak said. “Goyer has made up his mind, and there was little I was going to be able to do to get him to change his point of view.”

While bisexual organizations and its leaders have not called for a boycott of the show. will not promote or watch any program that erases the sexuality of any character either gay, lesbian or bisexual and we ask that everyone join us in the boycotting of this show.

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