AFA Hate Group’s Bryan Fischer: Only God Fearing “Christians” Can Claim First Amendment Rights!

Bryan Fischer  2

Well  American Family Association’s resident  spokesdouche Bryan Fischer, is at it again writing for the AFA’s website that after dog years of pondering that he believes that the First Amendment of the Constitution is only for right-wing extremist “Christians.”  (Sorry all my Church of Back2Stonewall followers.)

“I have contended for years that the First Amendment, as given by the Founders, provides religious liberty protections for Christianity only. Most attorney types, befuddled by years of untethered Supreme Court activism, think it covers any and all religions you can name. The results of this expansive but badly misguided understanding of the First Amendment have not been too costly to this point. But with Islam growing in America like a noxious weed, some of the more troublesome aspects of this distorted view of religious liberty are becoming evident, when it comes to things like school curricula, halal food, and Christian evangelism at Muslim street fairs. These problems have been brought into stark relief now by Satanists, who are pressing for exactly the same kind of religious liberty protections the Supreme Court just recognized for Hobby Lobby.” 

Amendment I: “Congress shall make no law, respecting establishment of religion. . . .”

Tell me, Mr. Batshit Bryan Fischer, what part of that don’t you understand?

I think its time for a new term for these radical crazy religious loons.

I shall hence call them.  Christapo™.


What do you think?

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