Gay Man Fired From Texas Children’s Home For “Promiscuous Ungodly Lifestyle Choice”



Casey Stegall, a gay man who worked as a caretaker at the Children’s Home of Lubbock in Lubbock, Texas was fired after he introduced some of teenage clients to his male fiance’ during an outing at a water park on July 4th.

When Lynn Harms, president of the organization, heard about it she accused Stegall of engaging in inappropriate public displays of affection. “As a faith-based, church-related outreach providing welfare services, if you will, to children and families, there is a set of biblical values that we adhere to and live by,” Harms told The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal “When you are implementing life training and so forth — particularly with children — to put a confused message out there is counterproductive.”

Stegall who along with his boyfriend are both devout Christians had a spotless employment record and was often praised for his work, but was fired on the spot, without any opportunity to defend himself against the charges. Harms also compared being gay to being sexually promiscuous, or acting ungodly or aggressive.

Stegall took great offense at this comparison and threatened to sue, and is now searching for a lawyer to take a case against the Christian charity, but is stymied by the fact that the group is funded by the state of Texas, which has no protections for LGBT employees

“I want my case out there so that people know that this is happening to people like me.”

The current version of ENDA that currently sits in the House of Representatives and which is backed by HRC would offer NO PROTECTION to workers like Stegall due to its extremely broard religious exemption that would allow “faith based” organizations to discriminate legally against LGBT workers.

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