FRC’s Tony “Pinky” Perkins: Obama Is ‘Exporting’ Homosexuality To Conquer The World!

Tony Perkins Nazi2

In his latest rant Family Research Council hate group president Tony “I never met a Klansman I didn’t like” Perkins is pushing his latest bit of insane propaganda stating that the Obama Administration secret weapon to take down the world is to make America’s #1 import “homosexuality”!

Here’s some snips of Perkins insanity:

“Under the current administration, America’s top export is immorality.””

“While the veterans watch as the Middle East implodes, the President’s trying to put troops on the ground in the fight to promote global homosexuality. When the U.S. embassy isn’t flying rainbow flags, the Obama administration is planting them — for radical sexualism.

During this month’s LGBT pep rally at the State Department, John Kerry said his biggest focus was ‘working hard to have lesbian, bisexual, and transgender ambassadors’.”We now have hundreds of LGBT individuals in our bureaus at State, USAID, and at posts all around the world. Of course, what Kerry didn’t mention is that his agenda is coming at the expense of the nation’s real priorities. Unfortunately for Christians persecuted overseas, religious liberty is the casualty of this push. America’s credibility is the other.”


Gurl you craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy!

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