Sundance Channel Set To Get Even Gayer With Two New LGBT Themed Programs

Sundance Channel


Sundance Television is about to get even gayer with the addition of two new entries to their viewing line-up.

Alan Cumming is on board to produce a project inspired by the life of colorful New York City restaurateur and AIDS activist Florent Morellet. Morellet is credited with revitalizing Manhattan’s meatpacking district with his restaurant that became a hotbed of activity for the gay rights movement.”

And Sundance is also set to produce “‘Hap and Leonard’ a 1960s-set buddy detective vehicle with comedic elements that turns on the unlikely friendship between a white Southerner and a gay African-American Vietnam veteran. Together they always wind up in a lot of trouble with various criminal types in the fictional town of LaBorde, in East Texas and often find themselves attempting to solve various unpleasant and brutal crimes. Filmmakers Jim Mickle and Nick Damici are on board to direct the project derived from novels by Joe Lansdale.”

You can learn more about Florent Morellet by CLICKING  NYC’s Florent: Queen Of The Meat Market 



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