Saginaw, MI Votes Against LGBT Non-discrimination Ordinance 9 – 0 After Councilman Calls Gays “Nazis”

Republican DouchebagsOnce again Saginaw, Michigan’s City Council has voted 9-0 on Tuesday to not enact an LGBT non discrimination ordinance after Councilman Dan Fitzpatrick compared gays and thier LGBT allies to Nazis

FitzpatrickSaid Fitzpatrick:

“Most people know my position. What I’m totally amazed at is a number of people I’ve talked to or heard from say, ‘Come on, just pass this thing.’ Find out what it means later. Well how does that sound? Doesn’t matter; if it’s bad, fix it. Fix it later. It’s going to happen eventually; just get with it. Be progressive. In about 1933 there was a real big youth movement in Germany called the party of national socialists. A lot of people said, ‘You know, I don’t like them. I don’t know; I don’t understand. But man they’re good for business.’

It’s not the first time the LGBT nondiscrimination ordinance has been voted down after Fitzpatrick’s objections. Back in April, he said:

“I will never vote for this, ever, No matter how many amendments you put in here. Because sexual mores — your choice of what you do behind closed doors — has nothing to do with being a good citizen. It has nothing to do with the city of Saginaw. It has nothing to do with what we’re charged here at this Council to do. Shame, shame on you.

Fitzgerald also apologized to black pastors at the City Council meeting for white people who compared the gay civil rights struggle to that of African-Americans.

Saginaw Bay is a large inlet in central Michigan that is filled with the waters of Lake Huron and popular tourist destination in Michigan, drawing millions of visitors each year.

UPDATE (989) 759-1405 – This is the # of the City Mayor/Commissioner’s Office. I just spoke to a lovely old lady named Vicky and told her that myself and my friends will not be visiting this year and spending any money there otr in any of the surrounding ciries because its just not the type of place that I want to support because of the vote and the city councilman calling gays Nazi’s. I also told her to expect some more phone calls in the near future. SO CALL AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO CALL AND HIT EM WHERE IT HURTS

2 thoughts on “Saginaw, MI Votes Against LGBT Non-discrimination Ordinance 9 – 0 After Councilman Calls Gays “Nazis”

  1. Perhaps members of the LGBT community should send pictures to this community’s chamber of commerce of them on vacation along with a comment on how much money they didn’t spend in Michigan.

  2. So Sad…a bunch of lemmings following each other over the cliff to hell. I am shocked that NOT EVEN ONE of them stood up to this Fitzpatrick idiot. They don’t seem to have any thoughts of there own. I am baffled. He either has something on each of them or they are just down right stupid. Blows me away.

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