Family Research Council Issues All Points Prayer To Stop Gay Pride With ARMAGEDDON!

Call 2 Fall2

Tony Perkin’s and his Family Research Council hate group is ever so pissed that their ill named prayer event, Call2Fall (on your knees) coincides with LGBT Pride Month events,  So pissed in fact they have called on God himself to change the scheduling!  – 

LGBT Pride Month – On Call2Fall Sunday, June 29th, the very day believers and churches across America will fall to their knees to pray for our nation, those who self-identify as homosexuals will be celebrating “LGBT Pride Day,” a grand finale for June’s observance of “LGBT Pride Month.” President Obama will announce the observance and the White House, federal agencies, the Pentagon, many state agencies, many businesses and like-minded organizations across America will join the celebration. Only heaven knows exactly how this brazen departure from the moral law of God will impact our nation. But we are called to intercede with an Almighty God. May the Lord hear our intercessions stop the advance of this official celebration of sin! (Gen 20:18-23; Rom 1:16-32; 3:10 ff; Heb 13:4; Jude 7, 21-25)

Well that’s Tony Perkins and the FRC.  Always down on their knees and complaining about things being shoved down their throats! Maybe they should get off their knees, otherwise, it’s false advertising.   Call 2 Fall

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