“Christian” Hatemonger Gets SLUSHIED While Spreading Anti-Gay Hate On Mother’s Day – Video

Slushie Justice


Anti-gay hatemonger Christine Weick from Hopkins, Michigan seized the opportunity to use Mother’s Day as a means of spreading hate  towards the LGBT community by standing at a busy intersection in Grandville, MI holding a sign that read “Thank your mom today for not being gay” 

Incensed LGBT friendly locals quickly gathered to counter-protest Weick and and in the end Weick not only had egg on her anti-gay face but got a slushie (flavor unknown) dumped over her head as well.

After a news crew arrive from the Local WOOD8 new-station and as a reporter began to interview the bigoted sign-holder, Weicke was confronted by teenager Jessica Prince, who engaged in a rather heated confrontation with the bigot. Harsh words were exchanged, Weick threatened prince with pepper spray, and Prince unleashed SLUSHY JUSTICE on the gay-mom-hating “protester.”

Grandville police arrived shortly. Weick had called them before the slushie incident because she said a teen who disagreed with her was making her uncomfortable. And doing the “christian thing” Weick told officers she wanted to press charges against Prince. It’s not yet clear whether that will happen,

“Truth is hate to those that hate the truth, and this is the truth,” Weick told  News 8 “They don’t like it and they label me a hater, and it isn’t that at all. I love them enough to tell them they are on the wrong path.

Shortly after the incident Grandville locals began to show up with pro-lgbt signs to counter Weick’s hate.

Zach Hoag arrived holding up a sign reading “But two moms can be fabulous!”

“Love one another. I think that two moms or two dads can love and nurture a child just the exact same way a mother and father could,” said Hoag.

Later, Hoag was joined by another man holding a sign that read “F*** her” and “I disagree,” and a woman holding a sign reading “I [heart] gays.”

Some drivers voiced their opinions directly while passing  Weick at the intersection:  “I’m gay and I have children,” one woman shouted from a car window. “I think you’re sick.”

In 2013 Weick drove 175 miles from Hopkins in western Michigan to Detroit to hold a sign that said God opposes gay marriage after Michigan’s gay marriage ban was struck down.

Weick was the ONLY protester then also.


2 thoughts on ““Christian” Hatemonger Gets SLUSHIED While Spreading Anti-Gay Hate On Mother’s Day – Video

  1. I fully support ms.weick. God’s word is true,It still stands true today .It is the one true constant that will never change ,all these “gays”, are deceived, so tragic.

  2. Teresa, it appears homofascist Kohler has no understanding of the Bible, as he consistently engages in religious bigotry by calling those like you who take traditional views on sex “Christians” [sic] rather than what they are, Christians.

    If he is going to be so presumptuous as to label ANYONE “Christian” he should use it for someone like Obama, Anne Lamott, Carter Heyward, over-inclusive mainline protestants who AFFIRM (!) deviate sex acts, or “Catholic” Michael Moore who supports tax-funded abortion-on-demand, complete sexual freedom and a federal public ed curriculum full of affective education and explicit sex teaching sans abstinence promotion!

    Better yet: avoid scare quotes altogether- how does Will like being called “gay” instead of gay at LifeSiteNews, WorldNetDaily, AFA, AFTAH etc?

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