Brendan Fehr & Luke MacFarlane To Play Gay Lovers On NBC’s New Drama “The Night Shift”

Luke McFarland


Brendan Fehr, best known for his work on  Roswell and in the unintentionally homo-erotic horror movie “The Forsaken” has signed on to the new NBC series The Night Shift!


Welcome to the night shift, where the toughest and craziest cases always seem to come through the door. Every shift is a fight between the heroic efforts of saving lives and the hard truths of running an underfunded hospital.

Fehr will be playing the character of Drew a closeted gay, former Army soldier who served in Afghanistan who is now a doctor at San Antonio Memorial Hospital where the series takes place.

 His character’s boyfriend is still fighting in Afghanistan and is on his way home–and he’s played by openly gay Brothers & Sisters star Luke MacFarlane (pictured above).

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