Benham Boys Prove Their “Love” For Gays By Being On Anti-Gay Hate Group FRC’s Radio Show


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David and Jason Benham who have become the folk heroes du jour after Cliven Bundy for teabaggers and  Religious Right, this week proved their “non-hate” of gay people by being guests on the Family Research Council anti-gay hate group’s radio program Washington Watch..

The Benham’s who’s Home and Garden TV network was dropped before it even began  after Right Wing Watch reported on the anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-Islam activism of the brothers. This week the Benham boys have clearly decided to make the most of their 15 minutes of fame, going from one talk show to the next to decry the “lies” that were told about them – without ever identifying those “lies” – to denounce efforts to “silence” them, and to declare their “love” for gay people culminating with an interview on white supremacist and anti-gay hate group leader Tony Perkin’s radio show.  Perkins, who has bemoaned “cultural elites” who want to “silence” and “bully” people like the Benhams, recently said that pro-gay-equality Christians don’t deserve the same legal protections as he does because “true religious freedom” applies only to those with religious views that align with those of the political Right.

If you have the stomach you can listen to the Benham Boys (aka. Those Most Likely To One Day To Make A Falcon Video Pak) as they discuss the latest on their ongoing martyrdom with Craig James, FRC’s Assistant to the President at the link provided  HERE.  (Tony Perkins was off that day presumably washing his “whites”.) 


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