Las Vegas Creates National TV Commercial To Draw LGBT Tourists – “The Check Out” (Video)

Las Vegas - The Check Out


ln it’s latest advertisement campaign to promote Las Vegas as a hotspot for gay tourism the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority premiered last week its first national television ad campaign geared toward the LGBT community

In the commercial titled The Check In, a man and woman prepare to check in at a hotel. The woman steps away for a moment leaving the man waiting for front desk assistance.

The man is joined by another (smoking hot) man and the two are mistaken by an attendant as a couple.

“You gentlemen ready to check in,” the attendant asks in the commercial before the familiar “What Happens Here” slate concludes the ad.

According to the LVCVA “The addition of an LGBT spot to the ‘What Happens Here’ campaign was a natural next step,” said Cathy Tull, senior vice president of marketing. “(The) Las Vegas’ campaigns are based on adult freedom and encouraging visitors to experience that freedom first hand.”

Las Vegas as the second most popular U.S. destination among gay men and third among lesbians.

Winner, winner prime beef dinner!

Watch “The Check Out” below:

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  1. But they are NOT gay – you should have made a national commercial about a gay couple. And furthermore who would walk up and stand right next to another guest like that?? #fail

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