HRC’s Chad Griffin Finally Responds (Sort Of) To Jo Becker’s Book “Forcing The Spring”


HRC executive director Chad Griffin has finally after over a week of silence said something bout Jo Becker’s controversial book Forcing the Fraud Spring, which documents the fight for marriage equality (in California only) in today’s Advocate im which which he talks about standing on the “shoulders of giants” and  doesn’t really address the controversy at all.

Griffin in his op-ed provides nothing nothing more than a Cliff Note’s version of LGBT history, ending with a humble “I’m no Rosa Parks” kicker.

“The response to Jo Becker’s book from many of my friends and colleagues in the LGBT movement has had a profound effect on me. Most troubling of all is the impression that I personally am unaware or dismissive of the decades of hard work — often done in the face of personal risk and even harm — that made possible last year’s groundbreaking marriage equality decisions from the United States Supreme Court. I want to respond to that line of criticism in particular, because it could not be further from the truth. And anyone who treats the successes of the past few years as the full story of this movement is missing something essential. [snip]

I came out of the closet after many of these people had been active in the struggle for years. I’m not going to lie and say it wasn’t a challenge for me. I grew up in Arkansas, where I went to a Southern Baptist church every Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night too. I spent my childhood thinking I didn’t know a single other gay person in my town. And when I did finally come out, it wasn’t due to some newfound personal fortitude; it was because the world had changed around me thanks to a national conversation on equality started by every single one of those advocates — and countless more. Simply put, I have nothing in common with the trailblazing courage of Rosa Parks.”

Today, I’m proud to call those heroes my movement colleagues — in the fight for marriage, and in every other fight we engage in every day. And when the day does come that the U.S. Supreme Court strikes down every ban on marriage equality across this country, it won’t be any one lawyer who carries the day. And it won’t be any one plaintiff who was so uniquely inspiring as to demand a sweeping ruling. It will be because of all of them — and all of us, who today are lucky to stand on the shoulders of giants.”

So Chad “I was born a poor gay boy in Arkansas” Griffin’s idea of commenting on the “controversy” is nothing more than naming names that Becker left out of her book while really NOT commenting on any of the inaccuracies or blatant disrespect to other activist involved at all.  What a crock of santorum.

Griffin’s op-ed should be titled “Standing on the Necks of Giants”

For those of you who don’t know.  Jo Becker will be at HRC Headquarters “Equality Center” Saturday morning 4/26 at 11:00 am shilling her piece of fiction. Since I won’t be able to attend (because of distance and no frequent flier miles) to fact check her I hope that some of you out there will go and do it for me.


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