Wisconsin GOP “Family Values” Assembly Majority Leader Busted For Sexual Assault

Bill Kramer

Wisconsin Assembly Majority Leader Bill Kramer, a Republican, a top lawmaker, and a member of the so-called “family values” party was charged on Friday with sexually assaulting a female political aide three years ago following a Republican mixer.

Kramer is charged with two counts of second-degree felony sexual assault and is facing $200,000 in fines and 80 years in prison if convicted.

According to the complaint, the woman told police  that Kramer shoved her against her car outside the mixer, tried to kiss her and groped her breasts. He also assaulted her in her car, telling her he wanted to have sex with her, kissing her and groping her.

According to Kramer he states that the woman  applied for a job in his office, and that he had been friends with her.  Kramer also states that she made the pass at him in 2008. ( because I mean look at him he’s such a stud , right? ) He acknowledged kissing her good night but denied groping her, telling the detective the woman “has very nice doctor-enhanced breasts. I am not a big fan of those. I like the real ones.”

The charges are the latest to add to the  49-year-old Waukesha Republican “family values” politician  reputation as a sexual predator

Republicans stripped him of his leadership position earlier this month amid allegations he sexually harassed a lobbyist and a Wisconsin legislative staffer while he was in Washington, D.C., for a February fundraiser. The woman identified only as D.R., told investigators the incident was a “nightmare,” but didn’t report it to authorities because she didn’t want to embarrass herself, her family or the Republican Party, according to a police report. When the Washington allegations surfaced, however, she changed her mind, the report said.

During the event, Kramer became drunk, stumbling around and being “more obnoxious than usual,” the woman said.

He asked her for a ride, and when they walked to her car, he shoved her into the side of the vehicle so hard her head snapped back, the complaint said. He then leaned into her and began kissing her and groping her. She told him to stop and pushed him away, but he came at her a second time. She pushed him away again and he told her they should get going, the complaint said.

Once they got into the car, he locked the doors and told the woman he wanted to have sex with her, the complaint said. He started kissing her and groping her again despite her pleas for him to stop. The woman told police she was afraid he was going to rape her.

At one point, the woman was able to send a text message asking friends to return to the parking lot, according to the complaint. A female friend who appeared found the woman crying and Kramer standing by his car.

Want to make a bet you never see this story on FOX News?

Another example of GOP traditional family values ala’ The Manson family.

Source:  The Huffington Post

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